3rd Annual Janco Employee Golf Outing

It rolls around once a year, and it is a day that team members do not want to pass up. For several reasons, Janco’s golf outing has been a highlight for many of us over the last few years. When we look back at the past three golf outings with our team, we see a genuine camaraderie. It is a time for us to step out of our typical workday and get to know our co-workers on a different level. On a real level. All teams on the course are strategically created beforehand. They are made up of four team members within the Janco Family who may not work together on an average day. We have found this to be a great way for team members to learn more about the people they work with when they may not have had the chance before this outing.

This day is also one of our favorites because of the competition it brings. I cannot think of a single person who would turn away a little competition mixed with a lot of fun. A few of the competitions you may see on our outings include the best score, longest putt, longest drive (men and women), and one of our favorites, best dressed. Best dressed was a highlight this year. One team showed up wearing Hawaiian button up shirts with their boss’ face plastered all over it. Another team dressed up in overalls and straw hats. We are not sure yet how they survived the heat! We also got to see a few unique golf shirts that were said to be “extremely uncomfortable, but inexpensive.” Each year we think there is no way anyone will be able to top the creativity with this contest. Each year, we are proven wrong!

God has blessed us with our Janco Family. They work hard day in and day out for their team and our customers. This golf outing is a special and unique way to give back to everyone and show appreciation for the work they put in.

We look forward to continuing this tradition each year. In fact, we may have already saved the date.

people putting on green
2022 golf champions
People clapping at golf outing
people driving golf cart